Reinvest in America& our Future

Climate change is an existential crisis for both our country and the world. We have 8–12 years remaining before we face irreversible developments. Yet we continue to debate whether climate change is real or man-made. Why? Because there’s money to be made from turning a blind eye toward this crisis, just as there’s money to be made from living in a permanent state of warfare. We have the capacity to reinvest in America, rebuild our infrastructure, and shape a better future. We have the money and the manpower to do so, if we are willing to elect new leadership. As a father to a young daughter, I want to leave a planet for her to live and thrive on. No one’s profit should come before our collective existence. We need to reinvest in our future by providing the following:

Green New Deal

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End the Ceaseless Wars

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Immigration Reform

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Debt-Free College& Trade School

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Free Public Transit

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Job Guarantee

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Green New Deal (Environmental Justice & Energy Independence)

We need to focus all of our efforts and energies into combating the greatest threat that mankind has ever known. Under the Green New Deal, it can be done. We have highly skilled Americans currently using their brilliant minds to create brutal new weapons, high-tech military equipment, and various modern-day cudgels to feed our ravenous war machine. Let’s convert those skills to focus on things we actually need: new alternative fuels and energies, carbon sequestration technologies, recycling programs, waste reduction initiatives, and green infrastructure projects. Let’s choose to lead the world in developing the technologies and jobs of the future instead of holding onto those of the past.

End the Expensive & Ceaseless Wars

The United States military is the greatest single polluter in the world. Our nation is involved in undeclared wars throughout the world and has been at war for the length of an entire generation. Why? Because military contractors, mercenaries, contractors, and manufacturers profit from these wars. The United States kills and maims hundreds of thousands of people so that just a few can profit. This is one of the greatest thefts in the history of the United States: The conversion of our citizens’ tax dollars into profits for the 1%—with the collateral deaths that we don’t see and the return of damaged soldiers to whom we don’t attend. If we have trillions of dollars to pay for death and destruction, we surely have trillions to take care of our own people and infrastructure. Bring our soldiers home and give them employment and new skills to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure.

Just Immigration Reform

Immigrants come to the United States for a better life, and because they believe that America is a land of opportunity. But our immigration system is built on structural and systemic racism. It needs to be re-examined and completely remade. Immigration strengthens our country; it should be fair. All immigrants are economic migrants seeking a better life. As a nation of immigrants, we should not close the door on those who come after us. If we want folks to wait in line, then we need to make it a fair and singular line.

Debt-Free College & Trade School

In order for our communities to thrive, every single community member must have the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to secure a living wage job. Public education should be extended to two years of community college or trade school. We are facing significant shortages of tradespeople. We can’t import plumbers and electricians. These are good, union-protected, secure, rewarding jobs. It’s time to start investing in our human infrastructure—the people who keep this country running.

Free Public Transit for All

The majority of public transit systems receive only a small fraction of revenue from fares. Fare enforcement is a significant cost to transit systems. Providing truly free public transit for all would provide working families a reprieve in costs; reduce traffic and congestion; encourage greener and more efficient transit; increase productivity; and help reduce our overall dependency on fossil fuels.

Job Guarantee

The government should be the guarantor of last resort for a job for anyone who wants one, but cannot secure one. For those who have had difficulties securing and maintaining a job, they can gain training, housing, and employment through a job guarantee, establish a work history, and get a good start on their future.

Are you registered to vote as a Democrat?

Sadly, Oregon, and in particular the 3rd District, is effectively a one-party system. This means that leadership is decided by voting in the Democratic primary rather than in the general election. Democracy requires choice, and the true choice for Representative of the 3rd District takes place in the May 2020 primary. Check to see if you are registered to vote today!