Protect Democracy

A variety of unique issues have recently arisen to threaten our democracy. Throughout the world, in both authoritarian and democratic regimes, fascism is making a resurgence. Here in America, increased polarization and a lack of civility in our public discourse is leading to the erosion of our democracy. Our widening wealth gap has created a group of individuals in positions of power whose primary goal is to continue to amass wealth—and many of these folks hold elected positions. How can we trust the integrity of these representatives? We need to protect our democracy by providing the following:

Get Money Out of Politics

As long as money is allowed to influence our elections, we will continue to see the erosion of our democracy. Big corporate donors protect politicians from challengers who truly wish to serve the people. It allows our elected officials to ignore us, the people, whom they claim to represent. We need to cultivate a diversity of thought in our government. There’s a simple way to do that–by encouraging a more diverse collection of people to run for office. Getting big money out of politics will allow more and different folks to run, bringing with them new perspectives and fresh concepts. The wealthy do not have a monopoly on good ideas.

Overturn Citizens United

Money is not speech and corporations are not people. We need to fill Congress with the right group of representatives who will step up and undo what the Supreme Court has done.

Protect Our Elections

During the both the last election cycle and this most recent one, hostile foreign actors attacked our voting processes. After the preclearance requirement of the Voting Rights Act was struck down by the Supreme Court, some states employed strategies to reduce the ability of marginalized community members to vote. The solution is clear: We need to enact Oregon’s Vote by Mail system across the country. It would protect our elections from foreign tampering; give voters the time to research candidates and issues; prevent citizens from missing work and losing income in order to vote; and allow those with mobility or health issues to vote without the pain or inconvenience of leaving their home.

Restore the Voting Rights Act

Congress needs to act to counter the negative results from the removal of preclearance. It is evident that these requirements remain needed to protect the voting rights of marginalized people. If we’d protected people’s access to the polls during the recent elections in Florida and Georgia, we would have different governors in office today. The problem is real and finding a solution is vital to our democracy.

Hold Representatives Accountable to the People

Democracy requires choice. The most powerful way that we hold our elected officials accountable is by voting. For too many districts, including this one, we aren’t provided real choice, because political parties have an interest in consolidating their power rather than rocking the boat. A primary challenge is good for the incumbent, the challenger, and the people. For the incumbent, it is a great way to connect with what the constituents really want. For the challenger, it is a time to introduce new ideas and challenge the status quo. And for the people, it provides a way to hold the incumbent or challenger accountable to the voters rather than monied interests and corporations. Every election in every cycle should be challenged!

Endorse The Fair Representation Act (HR 4000)

As long as we continue to allow this two party system to control our government, we will never have true citizen representation. As described in HR 4000, ranked choice voting would help to provide real choice to voters. Additionally having multiple representatives elected per district would enable more voices to be heard. Fair representation requires more voices to be heard. It is a solid reason why I support HR 4000.

Are you registered to vote as a Democrat?

Sadly, Oregon, and in particular the 3rd District, is effectively a one-party system. This means that leadership is decided by voting in the Democratic primary rather than in the general election. Democracy requires choice, and the true choice for Representative of the 3rd District takes place in the May 2020 primary. Check to see if you are registered to vote today!