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Portland Mercury, by the Mercury Election Strike Force

Mercury 2020 Primary Endorsements: US Representatives and President

“We believe that, after 24 years of Blumenauer representing Portland in Congress, it’s time we let a new generation of progressive leaders take the reins. That’s why we’re endorsing Albert Lee for US Representative.”

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The Portland Observer, by Beverly Corbell

Candidate Takes Aim at Incumbent Blumenauer: Says 24 Years in Office is Enough

“Lee says that although Blumenauer claims to be against Citizens United...about 65 percent of his funding comes from corporations.”

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Mondoweiss, by Michael Arria

‘Our Foreign Policy has Typically Been a White Supremacist Foreign Policy’:

“Meet the BDS proponent hoping to unseat a longtime Democratic congressman in Oregon”

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Willamette Week, by Ryan Nguyen

U.S. Rep Earl Blumenauer Will Face a Democratic Primary Challenge in 2020

“[Lee] questions capitalism's place during a time of global climate catastrophe, calling to end wealth inequality and resource waste by instituting living wages and strengthening unions.”

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The Progressive, by Michael Sainato

2020: Democratic Establishment vs. Democratic Socialists

“Meet three new challengers to the entrenched old guard.”

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