Albert Lee's Platform

Albert Lee's Platform

We find ourselves in the middle of a convergence of crises—social, political, and economic—that are the direct result and culmination of past choices. We must face all of these challenges and there is no time to continue with the old, ineffective, and incremental steps that only maintain the status quo.

Today, we face an existential crisis in the form of irreversible climate change. This is the culmination of politicians’ choices to support an economic system that’s doing exactly what it was programmed to do: create wealth through the exploitation of workers and the degradation of the environment, while fueling unsustainable levels of consumption.

This calls for drastic action. Though we cannot discount the power of individual action to benefit the environment, we must to change the system. Following the lead of a new generation of young, energetic, and diverse members of Congress, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, I will help shape and support a Green New Deal that prepares for the looming climate crisis. While doing this, we will be ushering in a new economic system with a job guarantee program, enhanced worker protections, and Medicare for All.

We have no choice but to fight for a Green New Deal. We cannot trust the wealthy to change a system from which they profit. We’ve had enough of the millionaires in government; they claim to be representing the people, but are actually doing the bidding of billionaires and corporations, those moneyed interests who profit at the expense of the people and the planet. It’s time for a new generation of leaders to take the reins.

This is deeper than party affiliation: both Republicans and Democrats have contributed to the problems that plague us. In order to move forward, we need new leaders who think critically about these problems and come up with solutions that will improve lives.

Everything I believe can be summed up as REP: Reinvest in America and the Future; Enact Economic Justice; and Protect the People and Democracy.

Reinvest in America & our Future

Instead of protecting the jobs and industries of the past, we need to devote our united efforts to the jobs of the future. We need to retrain folks so that they have the skills to thrive in today’s economy. The money that we’re spending on expensive overseas wars could go toward guaranteed jobs for underemployed Americans; a substantial portion of the resources that are now devoted to the military industrial complex should move into a green industrial complex, while offering employment to Americans who need help. We have the capacity to make this change. We could be using the money we waste on death and destruction around the world to save the planet and help our citizens at the same time. This is combating climate change. It is the real fight of our lives.

Enact Economic Justice

Economic Justice means flattening the wealth gap and combating income disparity. The fight for fifteen dollars per hour was a good start, but we need to ensure that folks can live and thrive on one full time job. We need to bolster our unions, end corporate welfare, tax the rich, strengthen bank regulations, guarantee equal pay for equal work, and implement a maximum wage.

Protect the People & Democracy

We need to Protect the People—our entire community, within this nation and around the world. Here at home, we need to ensure that people have universal healthcare, access to public education, and fully protected civil rights. We must end the war on drugs, legalize marijuana, enact criminal justice reform, and work to find housing for everyone.

Also, it is imperative that we Protect Democracy by getting big money out of politics. Today, elected representatives are doing the bidding of corporations and the wealthy, while ignoring the needs of the people. We must hold our representatives accountable. It’s time to overturn Citizens United, enable vote-by-mail across the country, restore the Voting Rights Act, and carry out competitive races each cycle. Our current system allows the wealthy to line their pockets by fleecing those who are already struggling. We need to fight economic injustice with wealth redistribution from the top to the bottom.

It’s not enough to be upset. We need to stop sending millionaires to office to do the bidding of billionaires. We can’t wait any longer—that’s why today I’m standing up to take responsibility and run for office. With your contribution, we can actualize this platform and make real change. It’s time to have regular citizens representing their neighbors.

Are you registered to vote as a Democrat?

Sadly, Oregon, and in particular the 3rd District, is effectively a one-party system. This means that leadership is decided by voting in the Democratic primary rather than in the general election. Democracy requires choice, and the true choice for Representative of the 3rd District takes place in the May 2020 primary. Check to see if you are registered to vote today!