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I’m not a professional politician—I’m an Oregonian who comes from humble beginnings who has a passion for bringing people together and the drive to tackle difficult problems with both creativity and tenacity. I am running for Congress because we need bold action, not just incremental steps to combat the crises we face. I love our state and our country. I want to face the challenges of the future head-on, proactively, so that we can reach our true potential as a nation. Join me in moving forward, together.

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Know the Struggle

Represent the People

An Oregonian by choice, Albert moved to the state twice, choosing to set down roots here with his wife and daughter. He is deeply invested in our community, and shows that dedication through service on government advisory committees & boards and volunteer work with non-governmental community organizations.

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What We Can Achieve Together

We need a Housing First program, as modeled in Salt Lake City, New Orleans, and Scandinavia, coupled with a Single-Payer Medicare for All System that includes comprehensive care for body and mind, including drug dependency and mental health. Twenty-four years of inaction is 24 years too many. It’s time for new leadership.

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We need to ensure that members of our community can thrive. We do this by providing what the majority of the world already does: Universal Healthcare.

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We need to focus all of our efforts and energies into combating the greatest threat that mankind has ever known.

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Americans need wages that allow them to live in the communities in which they work.

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As long as money is allowed to influence our elections, we will continue to see the erosion of our democracy.

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Our nation is involved in undeclared wars throughout the world and has been at war for the length of an entire generation. Why? Because military contractors, mercenaries, contractors, and manufacturers profit from these wars.

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We are officially a part of the Brand New Congress Slate!

We look forward to working in coalition with progressive leaders like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Cori Bush, Eva Putzova, and Michael Hepburn.

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We’re building a grassroots movement that can win, and we’re doing it without accepting contributions from corporate PACs or the fossil fuel industry.

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We’re building a grassroots movement that can win, and we’re doing it without accepting contributions from corporate PACs or the fossil fuel industry.